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Some people ask what is the business philosophy of our company? "Sincere cooperation, honest service." These eight words are so simple and easy to understand, but how easy it is to do. Time flies, ten years of entrepreneurship, XIN HONG JI people accumulate strength and change in innovation; sublimation in learning; hard work and hard work have finally created a dominant position in the industry.
XIN HONG JI people deeply understand that in the market competition where the competition is cruel and the survival of the fittest, it is necessary to create a nationally renowned brand not relying on output but on quality. Blind output can only obtain short-term benefits. Eternal quality is what makes the company survive in the competition . Growing up in development, while constantly improving product quality, must also continuously improve the quality of employees. This is a basic task that our enterprises often grasp. Faced with challenges, XIN HONG JI people continue to strengthen themselves; we firmly believe that behind the challenges are often accompanied by rare opportunities. In the fierce market competition, we always adhere to the strategic policy of "hard work, creativity, harmony, and enterprising" to enable enterprises to achieve long-term development. Today XIN HONG JI has created a new miracle in the new energy electric vehicle industry. Now it has an annual production capacity of 300,000 electric vehicle meters. We are determined to write a new chapter of XIN HONG JI for another five years to contribute to the development of new energy vehicles.
"After grinding the stubborn stone to get the jade, blowing the yellow sand starts to get the gold." As the person in charge of the enterprise, I am very happy and grateful, and thank the whole society for the love! After undergoing the initial baptism of market shocks, XIN HONG JI is using its vigorous majesty and standing bravely in the tide of the turbulent market economy.
"Gentlemen are respectful and respectful, courteous and courteous. Within the four seas, all are brothers." We are proactive, solid and serious in doing everything and strive for a win-win situation; sincere and candid, courteous and friendly The people we associate with, the idea of ​​putting others first, provide better products and services to customers; contribute more wealth to society and create greater value for employees.