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The rights protection is successful! Dashboard flies, the owner asks for help, quick car enthusiast

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The owner told the car enthusiasts that the 4S shop said that there were bacteria in the dashboard when the car was assembled, and the eggs hatched flies for a long time. You can help the owner to open the dashboard and take out the flies. But the owner believes that the excrement of flies remaining in the instrument panel, at least 4S shop should replace the instrument assembly. The car dashboard is a device that reflects the working status of each system of the vehicle. Debris and dust may affect the stability of the data display and have a potential negative impact on driving safety.

Quickly talk about car auto rights protection experts @ 汽车 热心 人 -Lao Chang learned of the owner ’s experience and immediately contacted the Mercedes-Benz China 4S store in the Kuaishou live broadcast room to convey the owner ’s rights protection claims to the customer service. After repeated coordination and communication, the 4S shop promised to replace the instrument assembly for the owner.

In fact, this car owner's encounter is not a case. The flies of the Mercedes-Benz dashboard and car taillights have already occurred. Earlier, when the owner of a Mercedes-Benz in Shanxi washes a black spot on the taillight that he couldn't erase, a closer look turned out to be a fly. The owner asked Mercedes-Benz to recover the vehicle and double the amount paid back. However, the manufacturer said that it is possible for flies to penetrate through the gaps in the headlights, which is a normal phenomenon for vehicles. The two sides stalemate and went to court.

For a long time, luxury car brands such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz have been a symbol of identity and a guarantee of quality in the minds of consumers. But in recent years, many luxury cars have frequent quality problems, and after-sales rights protection has troubled car owners. In response to the problem of auto consumer rights protection, quickly say that the car channel invites well-known auto rights protection experts to enter the " car enthusiasts " column, with the help of professional car cafes, to help consumers protect their cars from a more professional and objective third-party perspective. The issue of power and responsibility in China is cleared up, and consumers and car brands and dealers are assisted in more equal and efficient dialogue and communication.