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"Life-saving lamp" on the instrument panel, once lit, stop in time, maintenance worker: only one life

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Many people now drive vehicles, but are they familiar with some common sense of the car? When something goes wrong with the vehicle itself, it usually transmits information in the form of a signal light. Under normal circumstances, the signal light on the instrument panel will not light up, but once there is something wrong with the car, the signal light on the instrument panel will light up. The old driver advises everyone to stop and check if the failure light is on, life is more important. If it is a " life-saving light " on the dashboard, once it lights up, it will stop in time, and the maintenance worker: only one life.

In the hot summer, we should pay more attention to the change of tire pressure. Whether it is high or low, we must deal with it in time. Because the temperature in summer itself is very high, when the car runs for a period of time, the tires and the ground constantly rub, which generates a lot of heat. If the tire pressure is too high at this time, it may cause a flat tire. So don't look at the tire pressure warning lamp is yellow, if this is not treated in time, the consequences may be more serious than the red fault lamp.

Regardless of whether the tire pressure monitoring is to be effective, the tires should be checked every once in a while, otherwise the tires will wear too much and there may be a slight air leak. Therefore, if the tire wear is serious, it is necessary to replace the new tire in time, and don't regret it until the tragedy occurs.