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What is the difference between a traditional car dashboard and a full LCD dashboard?

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 The stability of the traditional dashboard is better, but the display content is relatively simple. The LCD instrument display is rich in content, with a sense of hierarchy, beautiful, and strong integrity. More and more models are equipped with LCD meters, and the traditional mechanical instrument panel also uses a small-screen monochrome / full-color LCD display. The display content is more abundant, and the LCD instrument is the future development trend .    

But for stability, the full LCD instrument still has certain flaws. The LCD screen is relatively delicate, and occasionally malfunctions such as flower screen and non-display may occur. After the LCD screen fails, the instrument information cannot be displayed.

However, once this full LCD instrument fails, such as the flower screen in the above figure,  all the information displayed on the screen after the flower screen cannot be displayed. Although the probability of such a failure is relatively low, it can only be "haha" once encountered! The LCD screen structure is more complicated, the cost is higher, and high-end models are used more. Although there are various shortcomings, the actual effect is better. The display screen of the ordinary instrument is simple in structure and low in cost. At present, most models use ordinary instruments. If low-end models use LCD meters, the stability will be worse due to cost constraints, and high-end models will have better stability.