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On the R & D and Innovation Problems Faced by China's Sensor Industry
Sensors have also gradually penetrated into various fields of national defense society and economy, and have gradually spread from traditional industrial and automotive electronic products, communications electronic products, consumer electronics special equipment and other fields to military engineering, aerospace technology, medical, environmental protection, meteorology and other electronic equipment fields. Its applications have penetrated into all walks of life in the national economy, and sensors used in new fields have already occupied about 15% of the market.
What is the difference between a traditional car dashboard and a full LCD dashboard?
The stability of the traditional dashboard is better, but the display content is relatively simple. The LCD instrument display is rich in content, with a sense of hierarchy, beautiful, and strong integrity. More and more models are equipped with LCD meters, and the traditional mechanical instrument panel also uses a small-screen monochrome / full-color LCD display. The display content is more abundant, and the LCD instrument is the future development trend.
"Life-saving lamp" on the instrument panel, once lit, stop in time, maintenance worker: only one life
Many people now drive vehicles, but are they familiar with some common sense of the car? When something goes wrong with the vehicle itself, it usually transmits information in the form of a signal light. Under normal circumstances, the signal light on the instrument panel will not light up, but once there is something wrong with the car, the signal light on the instrument panel will light up. The old driver advises everyone to stop and check if the failure light is on, life is more important. If it is a "life-saving light" on the dashboard, once it lights up, it will stop in time, and the maintenance worker: only one life.
The rights protection is successful! Dashboard flies, the owner asks for help, quick car enthusiast
The owner told the car enthusiasts that the 4S shop said that there were bacteria in the dashboard when the car was assembled, and the eggs hatched flies for a long time. You can help the owner to open the dashboard and take out the flies. But the owner believes that the excrement of flies remaining in the instrument panel, at least 4S shop should replace the instrument assembly. The car dashboard is a device that reflects the working status of each system of the vehicle. Debris and dust may affect the stability of the data display and have a potential negative impact on driving safety.
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